Scott B Harris


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WEDNESDAY 13 March 2019

5:45pm at Moama Bowling Club
FREE to MBN members | $95 for non-members
Dinner provided | Drinks at bar prices



Hey there, welcome, my name is Scott. Let me tell you my story.
In 2008 I was involved in a motorbike accident in Victoria that left me with lasting injuries including a traumatic brain injury due to a severe closed head injury and extensive facial fractures requiring a facial reconstruction.
My TBI was so severe that I sustained extreme severe frontal lobe damage and shearing of the brain.
This has left me with paralysis from my shoulder to my toes down the right-hand side of my body causing major instability issues.
On top of that, I have a brachial plexus injury to my right arm involving three severed nerves.
Luckily I have two arms and two legs because that would suck if I didn’t, right?
Unfortunately I don’t have two brains.
Instead, I’m blessed with a damaged one and I make it work really hard.
The intense physical and mental rehabilitation which I continue today is the sole reason that I am still alive and where I am.
I have discovered that setting and achieving goals, both mental and physical, keeps me looking forward rather than backwards and each goal I achieve fills me with satisfaction.
Living with an injured brain since 2008, I have experienced almost every side effect of severe brain damage that you could think of, yet my brain still functions well enough that I can articulate what it’s like to live with such a debilitating disability.
This puts me in a powerful position to help show people what I and others, with an injured brain, live with every day.
The Brain Injury Workshop creates awareness to some of the difficulties a TBI patient experiences.
I also share the valuable lessons that this journey has taught me.
I love to inspire people through my keynote speaking where I can take you through the nuts and the bolts of being resilient and achieving your own personal goals in your own life no matter what hurdles you have to overcome