Event Details

Kicking Goals in Business with Andrew Demetriou sponsored by Rich River Golf Club Resort was held at the Tatalia Room, Rich River Golf Club Resort.

Andrew Demetriou, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Football League (AFL) has overseen the competition grow into a billion-dollar industry. The AFL has a significant impact on the economy – generating nearly $4 billion in economic activity each year and employing the equivalent of more than 11,000 jobs. He is obviously doing something right!

Andrew sees the benefits of bringing people from diverse backgrounds togther. He understands the importance of social responsibility, giving back to the community and taking a leading position on social issues like combating racism and promoting respect for women. Andrew also works by the philoshy of being prepared and planning well into the future.

Andrew shared his stories, as well as his experience, expertise and knowledge about:

  • how to negotiate;
  • how to develop your staff and managers as people, not just as employees;
  • choosing staff that are “better” people – not just talented; and
  • the importance of continually changing and improving.

Another sold out event!